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How does your support help patients?

Support us to help more patients, by:

  • Keeping our services free of charge and available to all patients in order to limit social discrimination
  • Maintaining our independence from lobbies while delivering quality information
  • Reinvesting our profits into patient-oriented projects
  • Ensuring high standards and transparency in terms of partnerships, content, and ethics

How can you help more patients?

share expertise
Share your opinion

As a patient, share with us your experiences and let us know how we can better help you

As a dentist, provide us your insights into clinical topics, science and the reality of your practices

As an industry expert, share with us your analytical and technological insights

promote Teeth4all
Promote Teeth4all

To your relatives, over 50% of people have relatives with missing teeth

To your dentist or other dentists, spread the word about responsible implant dentistry

To your patients, help them make informed and fact-based decisions

Pay us an ad on Facebook

Today, we work on a volunteer basis. To help more patients, we rely on word-of-mouth and advertising. Typically a Facebook ad is EUR 20 per day to reach 6,000 potential patients

We Chose A Different Approach. Will You Support It?

Unlike a lot of organizations, we made a choice to keep all of our independent patient services free and available for everyone. We believe that each of us around the world deserves access to high-quality implant treatment, as a simple smile restores self-confidence, better health, better social integration, better professional-life, and thus positively impacts our society. Support us to help more patients!

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