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Sree Koka

… independent and trusted platform that leverages word of mouth endorsement…(more)

Prof Sree Koka – USA
Meghan Toland

…being a part of a collaborative community where criteria for excellence and certification are agreed upon …(more)

Dr Meghan Toland, USA
Noland Naidoo

… platform for patients to identify suitable treatment centres and practitioners(more)

Dr Noland Naidoo, South Africa
Mark J Gervais

… providing clinicians with a path to better patient treatment … (more)

Dr Mark J Gervais, Australia

We promote dental implant practices of quality

Teeth4all implant dentist network to promote dental implant practices
Network of Dental Implant Practices

Join for free our international implant practice network and help patients find you.

dental implant education for patients
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Provide your patients with our eBook on dental implants and refer them to our patient site. It shows the importance of quality care and helps them better set their expectations.

Promote dental implant practices
Patient-centred Certification

Take the audit and certify your team as patient-centred implant practice. Standards 2.0 are defined by your peers collaboratively and cover the total treatment workflow and patient journey.