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The Teeth4All Initiative

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As an independent body, in collaboration with dental professionals, an array of digital services have been developed to help promote patient-centered dental implant practices and educate patients to make informed decisions about their dental implant care.

Teeth4All is a responsible company that provides unbiased, high-value content available to everyone. To make this possible, we rely on the support of patients and dentists like you! Find out more about how to support us here.

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The Teeth4All Initative

Empower patients and help promote patient-centred dental implant care

January 2020
dental implant education for patientsTeeth4All LLC is founded in Switzerland by a team of passionate implant experts. The Teeth4all Initiative is created with the aim to help empower patients to make better decisions regarding their dental implant treatments and promote patient-centered practices.
Spring 2020
promote Teeth4allTeeth4All 1.0 for Patients is published, including:
– A Dental Implant Educational Platform. Focus on free, independent, and evidence-based educational content for patients.
Summer 2020
Vote for QualityTeeth4All 2.0 for Dentists is published, including:
– “Best Practices” a collaborative platform that gathers and shares patient-centered treatment insights.
– Free eBook “Essentials of Dental Implant Treatments for Patients” is published.
Fall 2020
Teeth4all dental implant practice auditWith the help of volunteer implant dentists, Teeth4All beta tests:
Find an implant practice search tool, which will serve as a go-to point for patients to find their implant dentist.
Patient-centered audit tool, for dentists, to assess their treatment value from a patient perspective.
Spring 2021
dental implant practice certifiedTeeth4All’s official launch, including:
Find an implant practice search tool becomes available.
Patient-centered audit and acknowledgment program becomes available. Objective treatment value assessment and the possibility to apply for certification, helping implant dentists differentiate their practice and promote their responsible implant dentistry.
Winter 2022
Roll out of Patient-Treatment Matching Tool aimed to increase patient treatment acceptance and satisfaction with high-quality implant treatments. Promoting responsible implant dentistry.

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