Patient Education

Quality before price

Share comprehensive, fact-based information with your patients focusing on how to choose a dental implant treatment based on its quality and not its price. Help patients to understand the value of your treatment beyond the price. No pushy marketing!

Support your collaborative diagnostic

Empower your patients by giving them access to information that will help them set realistic expectations and make informed decisions. Increase your patient acceptance and compliance rate by empowering them![5]

Stronger credibility

Strengthen your credibility as a dental practitioner by providing your patients access to up-to-date and independent information, free of commercial interest, backed up by dental implant experts like yourself. Help your patients trust you![6]

Patients increasingly perceive dentistry as a business, harming the credibility of the dentist’s recommendations [1,2,3,4]

How patients select their implant dentists?

select the right dental implant offer and right dental practice

Often, patients select their treatment providers through their family dentist, word-of-mouth from their relatives, or randomly by searching on the web. They do not know how to find an implant dentist matching their expectations.

With little access to comprehensive, independent dental implant information, patients often rely on commercial or implant industry sources. As a result, patients may not trust the information they receive and often struggle to understand how much the quality of dental implant treatments can differ.

With the rise of comparative websites, patients increasingly get a second offer. Since dental implants are complex and information is scattered, patients use (cheaper) price as their main selection criteria.

For patients to select a dental implant provider based on the quality of treatment, patient education and the perceived practice credibility become essential. Patients seeing the value of your treatment are less likely to look for cheaper alternatives.

Teeth4all helps to educate patients and promote quality dental implant practices.

Why should you trust the information provided by Teeth4all?

  • We are independent of commercial interest to keep top credibility in the eyes of patients.
  • Our content is geared to promote quality care to help patients receive better dental implant care.
  • With our collaborative tool, our content is driven by the consensus of dental implant professionals, including you, and is constantly updated to ensure high-quality content
  • Our platform is free for all to limit social discrimination based on affordability

Top reasons to share the information provided by Teeth4all?

promote Teeth4all
  1. Associate your brand with Teeth4All’s independent and patient-oriented organization.
  2. Gain more patient trust [7] when referring your patients to Teeth4all’s Patient Education.
  3. Help your patients become better educated, set realistic expectations, and make well-informed decisions regarding their dental implant treatment.

Boost your credibility as a dental implant provider

Independent and evidence-based information helps your patients value what you provide them. Why?

Self-confidence of quality dental implant care

Referring your patients to our independent site, with no conflict of interest related to implant treatment (i.e. lobbies and corporations), is the best proof of self-confidence in quality care.

Patient Education about Dental Implants looks for evidence-based info and make the right choice

In an era of fake news, social media, and intense marketing communication, patients value quality information and transparency.

Who knows best about dental implants? You

collaborative dentists contribute to the patient education site

Info about dental implants evolves continually and is complicated. Therefore, how to make sure that patient information sites remain reliable and accurate? Who knows best about implant treatments? You and your peers.

Contribute today to keep The Patient Education Site up-to-date by sharing your expertise on our collaborative platform.

Keep it Free and Independent

All patients have the right to access quality information – free from commercial messages and conflict of interest. Help us keep it this way!

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