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Patient eBook on Dental Implants

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Why get the patient eBook on dental implants?

  • Comprehensive, evidence-based, and independent information
  • Provide your patients with the means to recognize the quality of a treatment beyond its price
  • Empower your patients to feel confident in their choice
  • Demonstrate confidence in your ability to provide high-quality service
  • It’s free!

Why trust Teeth4All?

Teeth4all provides educational material free from commercial interest with clearly referenced sources. In an era of marketing and fake news, Teeth4all wants to reassure its readers that the information provided is true and trustworthy.

A key challenge that patients and dentists face today is the increase of low-cost dental implant treatments. Often low-cost implant care comes with inherent risks not easily understood by patients due to the complexity of dental implant systems. This is why our aim is to help patients receive better dental implant care through free patient education and promote responsible implant dentistry.

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