360° Analysis & Certification

Get certified and show your service value

Take our 30 min survey and receive a quality report of your dental implant service. The report provides you with detailed analysis from the patient perspective with recommendations on how to promote your strengths, tackle your weak points, as well as input for your development plans. When qualified, you can apply for our certification.

5 Good Reasons to get our 360° Analysis now

  1. When qualified, you can apply for our Patient-Centered Dental Implant Certification!
  2. Learn your strengths and weaknesses as a dental implant provider
  3. Evaluate your patient-centeredness in terms of the service, duration, aesthetics, performance, and predictability of your treatments
  4. Get practical recommendations on how to promote the value of your practice to patients
  5. Discover support for long-term development plans

What makes our Certification special?

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We take the unique approach of evaluating your service quality from the patient’s perspective. We analyse your implant service as a whole with the focus on top factors, important for patients when selecting their dental implant treatment provider.

Teeth4all dental implant treatment audit

Objective criteria

Our analysis objectively evaluates your profile by asking factual binomial questions. We collect relevant evidence based to the latest science and current clinical reality.

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Collaborative definition of standards

Our standards are collected and validated through Best Practices, a community of implant dentists representing different streams of practitioners. Feel free to access and contribute here.

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High quality standards

The bar for achieving our Patient-Centered Dental Implant Certification is set high to help patients get a better outcome when choosing their dental implant practice. Teeth4all stands for raising the quality of dental implant care.

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Ethical certification body

Teeth4all is an independent certification body with no direct nor indirect conflict of interest with the dental implant industry. We operate according to responsible, patient-centric, and transparent company values.

Stand out with our Patient-centered Certification

  • Show your patients your quality of dental implant care
  • Enhance your credibility with a certification from an independent body specialized in implant dentistry
  • Differentiate your dental implant practice and stand out among your peers
  • Attract patients looking for quality implant care
  • Complement your clinical credentials
  • Benefit from our targeted promotion to patients in your area through digital channels (search engines social media) and “Find an Implant Dentist

How do you get certified?

You apply for the 360° analysis
– Apply here
We send you the results
– Profile and score (pre-requisite for Certification & Promotion)
– If qualified, you receive a link to apply for our certification
You apply for the certification
We send you a link for evidence collection
You upload the evidence using the application
Congrats! We validate the evidence and send you all the material and plan the targeted promotion.

What makes the Certification Patient-centered?

Our algorithm matches your clinical and managerial competencies with five service values that patients can relate to:

  1. Duration – Do you optimize the duration of your patients’ treatments?
  2. Performance – Do you invest in long-term performing dental implant systems?
  3. Predictability – Do you take precautions to achieve your treatment goals?
  4. Aesthetics – Do you provide your patients a variety of aesthetic solutions?
  5. Service – Do you consider your patients’ personal situation, practical needs, and general comfort?

As such, patients understand the quality of dental implant care provided by your team and are less likely to select their treatment provider exclusively on the basis of price. They know they can trust that a Teeth4all certified dentist invests in long-term performing dental implant products, takes precautions to lower the risk of unanticipated complications, offers a variety of aesthetic solutions, provides options to optimize treatment duration, and finally, considers patients’ needs and general comfort.

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