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dental implant practices

Look out for Teeth4all certified implant dentists on the map (red logo), acknowledged for their patient-centric dental implant service after a 360° analysis of the dentist and their practice. Learn more about why to choose a certified Teeth4all dentist below.

Why trust our dental implant practice network?

  • All members on the map have valid dental professional licenses and provide dental implant care.
  • Teeth4All is independent of the dental implant industry and any dental implant practice. We only support responsible implant dentistry.
dental implant practices

What is a Teeth4all certified implant dentist?

A Teeth4all dentist has undergone a rigorous audit and provided evidence supporting that they:

  • Invest in long-performing dental implant systems. Assuring you that the products they are using are high-quality and made to last.
  • Take precautions to lower the risk of unanticipated problems. Making the outcome of your treatment more predictable.
  • Offer a variety of aesthetic solutions. Giving you the possibility to custom your new smile.
  • Provide options to optimize the duration of your treatment. Giving you more options and flexibility.
  • Consider your comfort as well as your personal and practical needs. Making you feel like a cared-for patient.