teeth4all cares for patients

Our values

Our values – People, Transparency, Collaborative Work, and Sustainability – guide our efforts to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We continually challenge our social responsibility and actively propose better ways to develop Teeth4all, while making sure to respect our values below.


  • I question whether my efforts are helping Patients.
  • I seek People feedback to understand their satisfaction and consider my options to improve. 
  • I favor Partners that have socially responsible values and commit to them through action.
  • I care for retaining People and when dissatisfied, seek to understand the cause for lack of retention and possible improvements. 
our values: people
  • I value knowledge transfer internally to help People to develop their skills.
  • I prioritize the goals of Teeth4all, while ensuring I maintain a work-life balance.
  • I take every opportunity to experience the reality of patients and customers, and use it to enrich my work and the team.
  • I appreciate diversity as a source of creativity and a way to strengthen the fact-based approach.
  • I make sure that incentives and profits are fair and transparent.
  • I distribute any profit fairly with 50% to stakeholders, and 50% to treat patients in great need. 


our values: transparency
  • I value trust, transparency and responsible behavior.
  • I make sure that my deliverables are punctual, and match expectations.
  • I avoid any conflict of interest that can jeopardize credibility and stay transparent on any potential occurrence.
  • I avoid any direct funding from organizations that generate profit from implant dentistry (diagnostic, planning, surgery, care).
  • I avoid any conflict of interest with private interests, and make sure I am transparent with the team if some might occur.
  • I generate and validate value-added content, free from biases, and make sure that it is fact-based and verified by different sources.
  • I publish all financial information on the platform to show the origin and use of funds.
  • I preserve private data protection, in particular for patients, from sharing with third parties and by deleting any personal data within 24 months after the last contact with the company.

Collaborative work

  • I seek improved ways to help treat more patients better with the help of dentists.
  • I don’t say “no” to a patient and dentists’ requests before reflecting on and sharing my ideas with colleagues about it.
  • I consider any difficulties and challenges as opportunities to improve and increase added value to our activity.
  • I seek solutions when I identify a problem, and share them with the people of the team.
our values: collaborative
  • I favor a “can-do attitude” and test new ideas before rolling them out.
  • I value performance and gain of efficiency to help more patients, with a goal of having less than 35% of administrative costs. 
  • I consider a range of ‘stakeholder interests – including shareholders, employees, suppliers, society and the environment – when making decisions and, critically, that shareholder value is not the supreme consideration.


  • I promote sustainable solutions by applying the 6 R’s in conjunction with people, evolve goals:  reinvent/rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse/repair, recycle, replace/rebuy.
  • I make my best to use and promote soft mobility.
  • I select People and Partners based on their sustainable commitments.
our values: sustainability
  • I make sure that the Teeth4all activities respect the Certified B Corp requirement to be able to apply for the certification by 2022.