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Dental Implant Information

Why Get Dental Implants?

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Tooth loss is a problem many adults will experience at some point in life. Still, the impact of missing teeth is highly underestimated and far from a purely cosmetic problem. Dental implants present a long-term and permanent solution and can greatly improve your quality of life. Read more about missing tooth problems and how dental implants can help…

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implant information for patients - what is a dental implant

A dental implant system includes the artificial tooth (prosthesis) and the artificial tooth root (implant). Sometimes additional procedures could be necessary in order to place the dental implant, like bone grafting, which is when you need to increase the width and height of the jawbone. Read more about how dental implant systems can differ and what you need to consider…

Your Treatment Options

best dental implant treatment options

Your dentist will have several dental implant treatment options available. The selection of the ‘best’ approach takes into account your condition and budget, as well as your dentist’s capability. Finding the best treatment is a decision that you will come to together with your dentist, and is unique for every patient. Read more about the most common options for missing teeth…

Your Treatment Steps

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Your dental implant treatment will include a number of steps. The steps as well as the time and effort you will need to invest into your treatment depend on the therapeutic solution selected by your dentist. Read more about the treatment steps most patients undergo and things to consider at each step…

What Is A Dental Implant Offer?

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The treatment plan summarizes your dental condition and details the way the dentist will treat your needs (therapeutic solution). The offer should help you evaluate the quality of the foreseeable treatment and compare offers received from various dentists. Read more about the information provided to you in a dental implant offer…

How To Avoid Complications?

What can go wrong with dental implants

Complications with dental implants are unanticipated problems that arise following treatment and are a result of a procedure, treatment, or illness (MedicineNet). Even though your dentist identifies most of the risks and mitigates them, there is still the possibility that unforeseen events could occur. Read more about how to limit the risk of complications…

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